Welcome to the Village Development Fund

The Village Development Fund (VDF) was established in 2004 as a national non-profit, non-governmental development organization by a group of professional Liberians eager to contribute to the reconstruction and development of their country just emerging from war. We are a community development organization employing development education approaches to grassroots empowerment aiming to strengthen the critical capacities of marginalized communities and transform their lives; organize CBOs of the poor and marginalized communities for development networking and establish village development trust funds.


The Village Development Fund envisions a society in which each person irrespective of background or status has access to better life and to sustainable livelihood.


Our mission is to be a catalyst in community relief, development, empowerment, and transformation that enable the poorest to firmly plant their feet on the development ladder.

Purposes of the Organization

The purposes of the Organization are:

  • To establish a network of village development groups committed to participation and sustainable development.
  • To build the capacity of village people and of groups working with village people for the attainment of better life and of sustainable livelihood.
  • To research, document and publish rural poverty and development issues and the experience of village people and of groups working with village people in dealing with these issues.
  • To promote the preservation of the life sustaining aspects of culture.
  • To raise critical awareness amongst rural people for the social transformation of society.