Micro Finance

VDF is the Micro Finance Partner for Plan Liberia. VDF has trained and assigned Field officers who have created and trained 72 VSLAs in 31 communities in Vahun, Foya, Kolahun and Voinjama Districts in Lofa County that are meeting regularly. There is a loan fund in each VS & LAs from which the poorest member can borrow at low service charge or interest rate. The project is empowering most of the women in least assessable communities. Some of the women in the poorest households in the VS & LA communities now have their own savings accounts which they themselves control. In addition, some VS & LAs have undertaking self - help projects.

Women are now accepting leadership responsibility in communities where men had always dominated and the men are learning to live with the new reality; VSLA members have control over their savings and have the power to decide how to use their savings; The program is promoting grassroots democratization and involvement in decision making; Poor people can now save regardless of their economic status.